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Advance Directives

All Patients have the right to participate in their own health care decisions and to make advance directives or to execute powers of attorney. These documents authorize others to make decisions on their behalf on the Patient’s expressed wishes when the Patient is unable to make decisions or unable to communicate decisions. This surgery center respects and upholds those rights. However, unlike in an acute care hospital setting, the ASC does not routinely perform “high risk” procedures. Procedures performed in this facility are considered to be of minimal risk. Of course, no surgery is without risk. The specific risks, benefits, alternatives and recovery will be discussed with patient by their surgeon. Therefore, it is the Facility’s policy, to initiate resuscitative actions when deemed advisable by appropriate healthcare providers. Transfer of the patient will be initiated and the advance directive will be applied. The Facility’s policy will be discussed with the patient prior to the date of service to provide the patient with the option to be referred to a facility that will initiate their Advanced Directive if their condition deteriorates. If you wish to complete an Advance Directive, copies of official state forms are available at:

Oregon Health Authority: Advance Directive Forms

Direct links to State of Oregon / Estado De Oregón PDFs

Advance Directive – English

Advance Directive – Directiva Anticipada